Marek Demianski

Photo of Marek Demianski

Visiting Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy

Thompson Physics
At Williams since 1983


B.A. University of Warsaw (1962)
Ph.D. University of Warsaw (1966)

Areas of Expertise

Visiting Professor at Williams College

1983/84  whole academic year
1993/94  whole academic year
1996/97   whole academic year
2001/02  whole academic year
2004/05  whole academic year
2008/09  whole academic year
2010/11    whole academic year
2012               Fall semester
2015               Spring semester
2016              Spring semester
2018/2019   whole academic year
2021               Fall semester



Marek Demianski, a frequent visitor in the Astronomy Department, will be here for the 2018-2019 academic year. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Warsaw. His permanent position is at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw. Prof. Demianski’s research centers on cosmology and relativistic astrophysics. He is studying the very early phases of evolution of the universe, the process of formation and clustering of galaxies, and properties of the cosmic microwave background radiation. He is a Co-Principal investigator in two European consortia preparing the Planck Surveyor mission. For four years (1992-1996) he was director of the N. Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw.