Williams College at 241st AAS Meeting

Students and faculty attended the 241st meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held in Seattle in January 2023. With over 3000 astronomers in attendance, AAS meetings are one of the largest gatherings of astronomers, featuring presentations across all disciplines of astronomy. Achref Dhahbi ’23, Anna Tosolini ’23, Micaela Foreman ’23, and Hector Mendoza ’24 presented posters on their research, while Prof. Jen Winters and Prof. Anne Jaskot gave talks about their research.

  • Anna Tosolini: Building a Protoplanetary Disk Turbulence Sample
  • Achref Dhahbi: Looking for Spatially-Dependent Turbulence in ALMA Observations of Protoplanetary Disks
  • Micaela Foreman: Determining the Possibility of Planet Formation in Per-emb-11
  • Hector Mendoza: Testing Faint Emission Line Diagnostics for Finding Lyman Continuum Emitter Galaxies
  • Prof. Anne Jaskot: Illustrating Cosmic Reionization with the HST Low-redshift Lyman Continuum Survey
  • Prof. Jen Winters: Multi-Epoch Radial Velocities of a Volume-Complete Sample of Mid-to-Late M Dwarfs within 15 Parsecs
Achref Dhabhi presenting his iPoster
Achref Dhabhi ’23 presenting his research.
Anna Tosolini standing in front of her iPoster
Anna Tosolini ’23 in front of her poster.
Williams faculty and students at the AAS meeting
Hector Mendoza ’24, Anna Tosolini ’23, Prof. Jen Winters, Micaela Foreman ’23, Prof. Anne Jaskot, Achref Dhahbi ’23, and Nicole Ford ’20