Eclipse Results at Astronomical Meeting

Three seniors + two alumni joined Prof. Pasachoff in presenting an iPoster+ about results rom the June 2, 2019, total solar eclipse in Chile.  Christian Lockwood ’20, Erin Meadors ’20, John Inoue ’20, Dan Seaton ’01, Kevin Reardon ’92, and Jay Pasachoff participated in the research and exposition and presented results at the remotely held 236th American Astronomical Society meeting on June 1, moved from Madison, WI.

Pasachoff, Jay M., C. A. Lockwood, D. B. Seaton, D. Sliski, N. Lefaudeux, 2020, Compositing Eclipse Images from the Ground and from Space,” 236th AAS, Madison, WI, June 1, iPoster+ #112.04