8 Students Chosen for the Expedition to the August 21 Solar Eclipse

The eight students chose for the expedition to the August 21 Solar Eclipse are:

Erin Meadors ’20
Ross Yu ’19
Christian Lockwood ’20
Charles Ide ’20
Connor Marti ’20
Declan Daly ’20
Cielo Perez ’19
Brendan Rosseau ’19
funding: NSF; National Geographic Committee for Research and Exploration; NASA Massachusetts Space Grant; Williams College Science Division; Freeman Foote Expedition Grant at Williams College.
The scientific team also includes Dan Seaton ’01, Allen Davis ’14, and Muzhou Lu ’13.
Alumni also participating include:
NSF support: Amy Steele ’08, Duane Lee ’01, Marcus Freeman ’10; other alumni/ae of the astronomy/astrophysics program include:
Dan Seaton ’01, Tina Seeger ’16, Joey Shapiro Key ’01, Eric Pilger ’82, TJ Lydon ’86, Christy Reynolds Dunn ’97, Sara Kate May ’00, Darik Velez ’01, Kristen Shapiro Griffin ’03, Rob Follansbee ’04, with Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium alumna Michelle Freddolino ’93