We provide this list to tell current students and prospective students about the wide range of interesting activities our graduates pursue. Some of the most recent graduates still are formulating their plans, so please scroll down the page to see what astronomy majors and astrophysics majors do 5 or 10 years after graduating from Williams.

The list is most accurate for a year or two after graduation. In some cases, we have been able to provide more up-to-date information. If you are an alumnus or an alumna of the Astronomy Department and would like for us to update your listing or to link to your homepage, please send e-mail to [email protected].

Class of 2024 Astrophysics

  • Alex Kim:
  • Abby Kinney:
  • Hector Mendoza:
  • Berit Olsson:
  • Tasan Smith-Gandy:

Class of 2023 Astrophysics

  • Michael Arena:  Ph.D. in physics at UCSB
  • Renee DePencier Pinero: Research assistant, Lincoln Lab
  • Ashraf Dhahbi: Research assistant at Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; then research assistant at Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Micaela Foreman: Lab assistant at University of Michigan
  • Anna Tosolini: Research assistant at Southwest Research Institute

Class of 2022 Astronomy

  • Jadon Cooper:  Data analyst for Publicis Sapient in Atlanta, GA

Class of 2022 Astrophysics

  • Lauren Fossel:  Cybersecurity program through the Air Force
  • Peter Knowlton:  Educator at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ; then Research Assistant at Lowell Observatory
  • Tafara Makaza:  CTO at startup with fellow alumni in Rwanda
  • Alicia Smith-Reina:  Masters in Mathematics and Foundation of Computer Science as Martin Wilson fellow at Oxford; then Neuroscience Erasmus Mundus program in Bordeaux

Class of 2021 Astrophysics

  • Amina Diop:    Ph.D. program in astrophysics at University of Virginia
  • Patricia Fofie:  Data Analyst position at Large Millimeter Telescope, UMass; then Graduate school at University of California, Irvine (Fall 2022)
  • Save Koontaweepunya:  Ph.D. program in Astronomy at Boston University
  • Peter Knowlton:  Public Program Educator, Lowell Observatory; then Research Assistant at Lowell Observatory

Class of 2020 Astronomy

  • Christian Lockwood:  Working for MARS Scientific
  • Erin Meadors

Class of 2020 Astrophysics

  • Nicole Ford:  Computational Astrophysics Research Internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, graduate school at McGill as of 2021
  • Johnny Inoue:  Post-Bac research position at Macalester College as part of a multi-length study of extremely low-mass galaxies in the local universe; then Georgia Tech College of Computing Master’s of Science in Computer Science
  • Ethan Lopes:  Seismic imaging project of carbon capture at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; as of 2021:  Ph.D. program in geophysics at Stanford
  • Connor Marti:  Planetarium assistant for the Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University, educating school groups and the general public about astronomy

Class of 2019 Astronomy

  •  Brendan Rosseau:  Senior consultant (astronautics) for Booz Allen Hamilton, Los Angeles, CA, also research consultant for space industry at Harvard Business School
  •  Ross Yu:  Preparing to apply for graduate school

Class of 2019 Astrophysics

  • Cielo Perez: Taught physics and math at Dublin School, New Hampshire; 2020 teaching physics at Maumee Valley School in Toledo, OH

Class of 2018 Astronomy

  • Marcus Hughes:  Ph.D. program in computer science at University of Colorado, Boulder; now the lead software developer for the PUNCH mission Science Operations Center at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder
  • Timothy Nagle-McNaughton:  Ph.D. program in earth & planetary sciences at University of New Mexico, 2019 NASA Doctoral Fellowship

Class of 2017 Astronomy

  • Shubhanga Pandey:  Working as a journalist, writing as well as editing
  • Annelise Rilinger:  Ph.D. program in Astronomy, Boston University
  • Sarah Stevenson:  Working at NIST in Boulder, CO; then grad school

Class of 2016 Astronomy

  • Christina Seeger:  AmeriCorps/Geoscientist internship at Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington; then research assistant in Caltech Geology and Planetary Sciences Dept; then graduate school in geology at Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA; now (as of 2020) Ph.D. program in Geological and Planetary Sciences at Caltech

Class of 2014 Astrophysics

  • Charles F. Baxter:  Junior trader at Oak Hill Advisors:  Structured Products Group
  • Allen B. Davis: Ph.D. in astronomy, thesis on exoplanets, Yale 2020; teaching physics at International School of Boston 2020-2023
  • Kerrin G. Hensley: Planetary science intern and in Taiwan as a Fulbright grantee; grad student in astronomy Ph.D. program at BU, 2019-20: a 5th-year student.  Concurrent with her graduate studies, AAS Media Fellow and then as AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellow; Ph.D. BU ’21; Communications for the American Astronomical Society
  • Nathan Saffold:  Backpacking across Europe, then research assistant at Pritzker School of Medicine, Ph.D program in physics, Columbia University (finishing 2021)
  • Gabrielle Vukasin:  Ph.D. program in Engineering, Tufts University

Class of 2013 Astrophysics

  • Alyssa C. M. Barlis:  Ph.D. program in physics & astronomy, University of Pennsylvania
  • Muzhou Lu:  First taught math & physics at Barrie School, Silver Spring, MD; then M. S. from graduate school in aeronautical engineering at U. Colorado, Boulder; then Space X Space Operations Engineer
  • Alice A. (Sady) Cocoros:  Ph.D. program in physics, Johns Hopkins University, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Space Exploration Sector

Class of 2012 Astrophysics

  • Matthew W. Hosek: Taught at Punahoe School, Honolulu;Ph.D in Astronomy from U Hawaii at Manoa; now a postdoc at UCLA group studying the center of our galaxy
  • Aven King: Lead Expedition Coordinator for expeditions to the Antarctic and Arctic with Quark Expeditions (since 2015)
  • Ben Oliva: assistant baseball coach, Williams College;  then M.Ed in counseling and performance psychology, Boston University;  then baseball operations intern, Boston Red Sox; performance consultant for SportStrata; licensed mental health counselor at Union Square Practice, New York
  • Taryn Siegel:  Epic (healthcare software in Wisconsin)

Class of 2011 Astrophysics

Class of 2011 Astronomy

Class of 2010 Astrophysics

  • Alexander M. Crowell
  • Katherine M. DuPré: Engineering Leadership Development Program, BAE Systems, Nashua, NH
  • Paul L. Fraulo
  • Marcus J. Freeman: Ph.D. in astrophysics, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2017 eclipse expedition, working in industry
  • Emma M. M. Lehman: NASA Academy, Marshall Space Flight Center; then researcher with the Solar Dynamics Observatory at Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory; now with an aerospace start-up, Skybox Imaging (became part of Google, 2014)
  • Robert F. Smith: J.D. program, Georgetown University Law School

Class of 2008 Astrophysics

  • Paul W. Hess: Ph.D. in physics, Harvard University; post-doc, U. Maryland; Assistant Professor of Physics, Middlebury College
  • William A. Jacobson: Employed with Major League Baseball, New York, NY; then J.D., Stanford Law School; now in entertainment law, LA
  • Anne E. Jaskot: Employed in the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security; then Ph.D. program in astronomy, University of Michigan; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; Smith College; Hubble Fellowship at U. Mass., Amherst; Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Williams College as of 2019
  • Shelby B. Kimmel: Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Korea; Ph.D. program in physics, M.I.T.; post-doc, U. Maryland, 2014;  Asst. Prof. of Computer Science, Middlebury College
  • Adam J. McKay: Ph.D. in astronomy, New Mexico State University; postdoc at U. Texas, Austin, 2014; NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Appalachian State U. as of 2022

Class of 2008 Astronomy

  • Jesse Levitt: Taught science, Hill School, Pottstown, PA; Ph.D. in Math, LSU; now Asst. Prof. of Math , USC, then teaching Math at USC (now as of 2022), Data Engineer, Creyon Bio (oligonucleotide therapeutics), no longer at USC
  • Kathryn M. Stack: Ph.D. in Geological and Planetary Sciences from Caltech (2014); now staff, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab; Deputy Project Director, NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance mission
  • Amy S. Steele: M.A. in Astronomy, Wesleyan; Ph.D. program in Astronomy, U. Maryland, 2014-2020; post-doc at McGill, 2021-2023; now Director of Astronomy and Research at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay

Class of 2007 Astrophysics

  • Megan A. Bruck Sayal: IT/data specialist at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; then Ph.D. in planetary geosciences, Brown University; Lawrence Livermore Lab, postdoc and then staff focused on hazardous asteroid and comet mitigation studies, 2014-

Class of 2007 Astronomy

  • Suranjit Tilakawardane: Employed at the Analysis Group, Boston; then Yale School of Management; working for CNN in New York

Class of 2006 Astrophysics

  • David L. Butts, III: M.S./Ph.D. in aeronautics & astronautics, MIT; now staff, Draper Lab, MIT; then helped found a financial-technology startup; as of 2019:  quantitative research and modeling as part of a team that makes investments in private companies, including venture capital; vice president at HarbourVest Partners
  • Joseph W. Gangestad: Ph.D. in aeronautics & astronautics, Purdue University; National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship; then employed in the astrodynamics department at Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, CA
  • Owen W. Westbrook: Research assistant at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; then graduate study in planetary astronomy, M.I.T.; then M.S. program in atmosphere/energy, Department of Civil and Environmental engineering, Stanford University; now Systems Engineer with juwi solar Inc., Boulder, CO.
  • Alan R. Cordova: Studying Uzbek language, Indiana University; M.B.A. at Columbia Business School; then employed at NorthLight Power, a developer of photovoltaic energy projects, Seattle, WA, Columbia Business School; 2021:  Director of Business Development, Fluence Digital, San Francisco
  • Yariv S. Pierce: Associate at Quinn Emanuel, NYC; previously law clerk, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces; National Security Legislative Correspondent with some support for NASA matters, U.S. Senate; U. Michigan Law School

Class of 2005 Astronomy

Class of 2005 Astrophysics

  • Kamen A. Kozarev: Taught at the English International School, Padua, Italy; then Ph.D. in astronomy, Boston University; Jack Eddy Postdoc in Space Weather at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 2013-2015; Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Associate Professor of Astronomy at Institute of Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Terry-Ann K. Suer: Research assistant in infrared and planetary astronomy, Caltech; then Ph.D. program in geosciences (planetary sciences), SUNY Stony Brook; Ph.D. in meteoritics, U. Paris, 2013-2017; as of 2018, postdoctoral fellow in the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard, as of 2021:  Laboratory for Laser Energetics, U. Rochester

Class of 2004 Astrophysics

  • Paul M. Crittenden: Employed at Coherent Radiation (laser manufacturer); then Ph.D. program in physics, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jesse W. Dill: Ph.D. in biophysics, University of California, Berkeley; now at biotech company Refractored Materials, San Franciso
  • Robertson G. Follansbee: Teaching physics at Phillips Academy, Andover, MA; then teaching science at the Taft School, Watertown, CT; then master’s degree program in private school leadership, Columbia University; then teaching at Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
  • Matthew J. Hoffman: Ph.D. in applied mathematics, University of Maryland; then postdoctoral fellow in earth and planetary sciences, Johns Hopkins University
  • Martin D. Mudd: Teaching mathematics in Mississippi, Teach for America; then Ph.D. program in astrophysics, University of Kentucky
  • Lissa C. F. Ong: Post-baccalaureate fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory; then M.S. in planetary geology, University of California, Santa Cruz; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; then Ph.D. program in astronomy, University of Arizona
  • Davis V. Stevenson: Employed at Insitu (manufacturer of miniature robotic aircraft); then M.S. in computer science, Portland State University; then employed at Elemental Technologies, Portland, OR
  • Galen M. Thorp: Pilot training at the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School; then Aviator in the U.S. Navy and flight instructor
  • David R. Ticehurst: Teaching physics at Christ School, Arden, NC; then Ph.D. in physics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Germanium Detector Physicist for PHDS Co. in Knoxville, TN

Class of 2004 Astronomy

  • Sarah H. Croft: Employed at the University of Washington and at the Pacific Science Center, Seattle; then Ed.M. in technology, innovation, and education, Harvard Graduate School of Education; then Manager of New Media Program Design at Kaplan Higher Education; now product development at a health-tech oncology startup (Seattle) helping to provide better cancer care

Class of 2003 Astrophysics

  • Naila A. Baloch: Master of Theological Studies, Harvard Divinity School; then the Muslim chaplain at Tufts University; then Muslim Chaplain at Middlebury College as of 2014
  • Wei-Li Deng: Medical school, University of Connecticut
  • Kathleen S. Gibbons: M.A. in philosophy of science, Columbia University; then Master of Theological Studies program at Notre Dame University
  • Christopher D. Holmes: M.A. in History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, England; then Ph.D. program in atmospheric science, Harvard University; then postdoctoral fellow in atmospheric chemistry at University of California at Irvine; then Assistant Professor, Department of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science at Florida State University, 2014-
  • Kristen Shapiro Griffin: Astronomy research, University of Leiden, Netherlands; then Ph.D. in astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley; then employed at Northrop Grumman, San Diego, CA
  • Megan Taylor (Van Dyke): Employed as a web developer in Australia

Class of 2002 Astrophysics

  • Daniel T. Bissex: Pursuing a career in music; then M.S. in electrical and computer engineering, Northeastern University
  • Gabriel B. Brammer: Employed at Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD; then Ph.D. in astrophysics, Yale University; Fulbright Fellowship to Chile (2007-8); then staff scientist at the European Southern Observatory, Chile;  then astronomer at Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD; now Associate Professor of Astrophysics at the Niels Bohr Institute at the Danish National Research Foundation
  • Shoshana Clark (Stewart): Teaching in Honduras; then Teach for America in New York City; then teaching at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School, Boston; then Managing Director, Turquoise Mountain; then Afghanistan Charity (based in London); received Williams College Bicentennial Medal, 2018
  • Bethany Cobb: Ph.D. in astronomy, Yale University; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; then NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in astrophysics, University of California, Berkeley; then professor at honors program, George Washington University, DC
  • Rossen L. Djaglov: Horace Clark fellowship to study at the Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow; then Ph.D. program in comparative literature, Yale University; then Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Koc University in Istanbul
  • Caleb I. Fassett: Employed in Washington, DC; then Ph.D. in planetary geosciences, Brown University; then postdoctoral research associate, Brown University; then Visiting Assistant Professor of Astronomy at Mt. Holyoke College; now NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Hunstville, AL
  • David (Mike) Gioiello III: M.S. in applied physics, George Mason University; then Scientist at Marine Corps Intelligence
  • David M. Glick: Employed as a consultant with the Monitor Group, Cambridge, MA; then Ph.D. in politics, Princeton Univeristy; then visiting assistant professor at Dartmouth College

Class of 2002 Astronomy

Class of 2001 Astrophysics

  • Misa M. Cowee: Ph.D in Geophysics and Space Physics, University of California, Los Angeles; then postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory; then Staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Kenneth A. Dennison: M.S. in physics, Cornell University; then laboratory instructor at Bowdoin College
  • Joel M. Iams: Marine Corps Officer
  • Duane Lee: Physics teacher at McCann Technical Vocational High School in North Adams, MA; then M.A. in astronomy, Wesleyan University; then Ph.D. in astrophysics at Columbia University; then postdoc at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory; then postdoc at Vanderbilt U; now postdoc at MIT; (2021):  Customer Success Engineer at Starburst Data (Boston)
  • Daniel B. Seaton: Ph.D. solar physics, U New Hampshire; then NOAA Boulder and U. Colorado; now Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute on PUNCH mission
  • Joey Shapiro Key: Teaching in Switzerland; then Ph.D. in astrophysics at Montana State University; then Education Specialist for the Montana Space Grant Consortium; then research assistant professor, Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy, University of Texas at Brownsville, now Assistant Professor of Astronomy (gravitational waves) at U. Washington, Bothell
  • Matthew R. Silver: Study at the International Space University, Strasbourg, France; then M.S. in aeronautics & astronautics, M.I.T.; then research scientist, Space Systems Laboratory, M.I.T.; then Ph.D. program in engineering systems, M.I.T.; C.E.O. of IntAct Labs, LLC
  • Darik O. Vélez: Teaching at Westminster School, Simsbury, CT; then work at the West Hartford Science Center; then graduate study in astronomy, Wesleyan University; then teaching science at the school in Cape Town, South Africa; teaching astronomy at St. Paul’s School

Class of 2000 Astrophysics

  • Rebecca T. Cover: Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, Africa; then Ph.D. in linguistics, University of California, Berkeley; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; then lecturer at Berkeley; then visiting assistant professor at The Ohio State University; working since 2013 at a non-profit called MCS-T.O.U.C.H., in Columbus, serving at-risk and vulnerable populations
  • Sara Kate May: Teaching physics and middle school science at Riverdale School, NY; then teaching physics and astronomy at Middlesex School, Concord, MA
  • Kevin D. Russell: Masters degree in physics in Australia on a Fulbright Fellowship; then M.A. in international relations, Johns Hopkins University; then Presidential Management Fellowship with State Department and Defense Department; then employed by the Department of Defense
  • Jason B. Slingerlend: Employed as a research analyst, Janus Capital, Denver, CO

Class of 1999 Astrophysics

  • Laura W. Brenneman: Employed at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; then Ph.D. program in astronomy, University of Maryland; then NASA postdoctoral fellow at Goddard Space Flight Center; then postdoc in the High-Energy Astrophysics Division, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, permanent staff, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, 2014-
  • Jeremy D. Burr: Investment banker, Goldman, Sachs & Co, New York, NY; then M.B.A. from Harvard Business School; then Managing Partner, Venatus Capital Partners, Redondo Beach, CA
  • Craig C. Westerland: Ph.D. in mathematics, University of Michigan; then lecturer in mathematics, University of Melbourne, Australia

Class of 1998 Astrophysics

  • James A. Bates: Employed at a software firm, NJ
  • Johan C. Kongsli: Employed as an analyst at an investment firm, London, England; lawyer, Oslo, Norway
  • Timothy H. McConnochie: Employed as an analyst, Federal Reserve Board, Washington, DC; then a research position at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA; then Ph.D. in astronomy, Cornell University; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; then NASA postdoctoral fellow at Goddard Space Flight Center
  • MacGregor Stocco: Travel in Brazil; then employed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, TX; then M.A. in sociology, University of Virginia; then Community Planner, Kennebec Valley Council of Governments, ME

Class of 1998 Astronomy

  • Robert A. Wittenmyer: Teaching math and science, Alta Vista School, CA; then M.S. in biology, Boston University and the Marine Biological Lab in Woods Hole, MA; then M.S. in astronomy, San Diego State University; then Ph.D. in astronomy, University of Texas, Austin; then postdoctoral researcher at University of New South Wales, Australia; now assoc. prof. of astronomy at University of Southern Queensland; gave Winter Study Courses at Williams about exoplanets in 2018 and 2019

Class of 1997 Astrophysics

  • Christina L. Reynolds Dunn: Employed as education coordinator at Adler Planetarium, Chicago; then Ph.D. in optical sciences, University College, London; then employed with Zeeko Limited, a manufacturer of percision polishing machines for telescope mirrors; then visiting professor of physics at Bennington College; then optical engineer with the IRIS (Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph) project at Montana State University; then Medical Sciences Institute, University of Oregon; now computer staff at National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, VA
  • Henry Roe: Planetary astronomer at Lowell Observatory (actually a Chem major)

Class of 1996 Astrophysics

  • Corey A. Olsen: Ph.D. in Medieval English, Columbia University; then assistant professor of English, Washington College, Chestertown, MD
  • Bonnie D. Schulkin: Employed as a computer specialist, Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility, Cambridge, MA, and Huntsville, AL; then teaching high school science; then employed at Xinet, Inc., Berkeley, CA

Class of 1996 Astronomy

  • Teon E. Edwards: M. Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education; then curriculum developer, TERC, an education research and development organization in Cambridge, MA
  • Nathaniel W. Farny: Master of Music degree (violin), Rice University; then professional musician and music teacher, Boston area
  • Jason R. Lorentz: Teaching English, Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY; M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University

Class of 1994 Astrophysics

  • Fronefield Crawford III: Ph.D., M.I.T.; then Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin Corp.; then visiting assistant professor of physics & astronomy at Haverford College; then associate professor of physics & astronomy at Franklin and Marshall College
  • James W. Partan: Herchel Smith Fellow, University of Cambridge, England; then M.S. in electrical engineering, M.I.T.; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; then employed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
  • Sean D. Sandys: Ph.D. in computer science, University of Washington; Bohlin Fellow at Williams College; then program manager at Microsoft
  • Brett Schneider: Teaching math & physics at Northwood School, Lake Placid, NY; then Master of Architecture, Princeton University; then architect at Guy Nordenson & Associates
  • Anim Steel: Employed in admissions office, Williams College; then Master of Public Policy, Kennedy School, Harvard University
  • Christopher C. Welch: Employed at Management Sciences for Health, a public health organization
  • Alex K. Wong: Employed at Chiron Corp., a bio-technology company; then employed at a software architect for Sun Microsystems

Class of 1993 Astrophysics

  • Jonathan A. Young: Teaching English in China; then employed at United Media Syndicate; then employed at CNN Financial Network, New York, NY, and Atlanta, GA; then Vice President for Product Development, Turner Broadcasting System; now Chief Technology Officer, National Geographic Society

Class of 1993 Astronomy

  • Kevin M. Greenberg: J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School; then practicing intellectual property law in Philadelphia; then in-house counsel to a corporation

Class of 1992 Astrophysics

  • Bradford B. Behr: Ph.D. in astrophysics at Caltech; then postdoc at U. Texas-Austin & McDonald Observatory; then postdoc at U.S. Naval Observatory; then employment with Arjae Spectral Enterprises; now CTO at Tornado Spectral Systems
  • Arielle Kagan Masters:
  • Kevin Reardon: Research in astronomy, University of Hawaii; then research at the Italian National Astrophysical Institute, Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, Florence, Italy; Ph.D. Queens University, Belfast; now National Solar Observatory, Sacramento Peak and Boulder

Class of 1992 Astronomy

Class of 1991 Astrophysics

  • Jason Zimba: Rhodes Scholar, Oxford University, England; then Ph.D. in mathematical physics, University of California, Berkeley; then cofounded Grow Network, an education assessment company; then visiting professor of physics, Grinnell College; then professor of physics and mathematics, Bennington College; then founding partner, Student Achievement Partners, a nonprofit education policy organization

Class of 1990 Astrophysics

  • Jay H. Hartley: Ph.D. in applied physics, University of California, Davis; then postdoc at Lawrence Livermore National Lab; then Senior software engineer at NetBrowser Communications; then director of professional services at Modius
  • James Small: Employed as an analyst, U.S. Government; then J.D., Stanford Law School; then attorney at Cleary, Gottlieb, Stenn, & Hamilton

Class of 1989 Astrophysics

  • Greg Crueger: Senior architect, healthcare-services company, Atlanta
  • Julian Sachs: Prof. of Oceanography, U. Washington, Seattle

Class of 1988 Astrophysics and Astronomy

  • No Majors

Class of 1987 Astronomy

  • Brant Nelson: Ph.D. in astronomy, UCLA; then Spitzer Space Center, Caltech; taught high-school mathematics and astronomy near Brattleboro, VT
  • Valerie Maston

Class of 1986 Astronomy

  • Ned Ladd: Ph.D. in astronomy, Harvard; then postdoc, James Clerk Maxwell Fellow, Hawaii; then Prof. of astronomy at Bucknell
  • Charles Congdon
  • TJ Lydon: M.D., Ph.D., emergency physician at Mary Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire
  • C. Robinson Reed

Class of 1985 Astronomy

Class of 1984 Astronomy

  • Marian Warren
  • Steve Schultheis
  • James Voelkel: Ph.D. in History of Science, Indiana U. via Harvard U.; then postdocs Johns Hopkins and MIT Dibner Institute; then rare-book librarian at Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia
  • Ted Leon: M.D. in Honolulu; then came on 2009 eclipse expedition to China

Class of 1983 Astronomy

  • Robert[Raf]Francis: DM in Geology
  • Stephen Platt: Ph.D. in Astronomy, U. of Chicago; then postdocs Princeton and U. of Chicago (Antarctic astrophysics); then staff astronomer Steward Observatory; then Research Associate Professor, Polar Ice Coring Office U. of Nebraska-Lincoln (Antarctic and Arctic science support); then Research Associate Professor, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Class of 1982 Astrophysics

  • A.J. Moor: Television news reporter in San Francisco; then digital news executive at several newspapers; then director of editorial operations at Yahoo!; now technology product director at The Wall Street Journal
  • Eric Pilger: Systems Engineering, Electronics Instrumentation design, Remote sensing, Educational outreach at Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
  • Eli Mlawer: Ph.D. in string theory, Brandeis; then researcher at Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), Cambridge

Class of 1981 Astrophysics

  • Judy Beck
  • Richard Boyce: M.S. and Ph.D., Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, now Professor of Biological Sciences, Northern Kentucky University
  • Bruce Miller

Class of 1980 Astrophysics

Class of 1979 Astrophysics

Class of 1978 Astrophysics

Class of 1977 Astrophysics

Class of 1976 Astrophysics

Class of 1975 Astrophysics

  • Daniel Muzyka: Dean of the Business School, University of British Columbia
  • Stuart Vogel: Prof. of Astronomy and Chair, Astronomy Program, U. Maryland; radio astronomer
  • Don Cooke: Former Director, Fels Planetarium; then Vice-President, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Orchestra and Field Museum (Chicago); then Senior Vice-President for Philanthropy, McCormick Tribune Foundation
  • Stan Fri
  • Eric Hyde

Class of 1974 Astrophysics

Class of 1973 Astrophysics

  • Frederick Harris: J.D., NYU School of Law; M.S. in Transportation, Planning and Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York; now Senior Vice President, AvalonBay Communities, Arlington, VA