Pasachoff Participates in Hubble Space Telescope Observations

Pasachoff participated in Hubble Space Telescope 22-hour-long observations of Jupiter in an attempt to detect the transit of Venus that was visible there on September 20, 2012, and received a Space Telescope Science Institute grant from NASA in support.  He reports on the Williams College team’s transit of Venus observations… Continue reading »

Kwitter Awarded Observing Time with Hubble Telescope

Karen B. Kwitter, the Ebenezer Fitch Professor of Astronomy at Williams College, and five colleagues have been granted observing time with the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope to study how planetary nebulae have contributed to the amounts of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen in the Milky Way Galaxy. Continue reading »

Pasachoff Awarded NSF Grant to Study Solar Eclipses

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a three-year grant of $158,234 to Jay Pasachoff, Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy and director of the Hopkins Observatory at Williams College. The grant will support research on the two major solar eclipses that will occur in 2012. Continue reading »

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