Stellar Occultation Observing in New Zealand

During July 17 through July 30th, Jay Pasachoff visited the Mt. John University Observatory in New Zealand with Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium student, Adam Schiff ’15 of Middlebury College for Stellar occultation observing.  Student Tina Seeger ’16 worked on related data and eclipse data in Williamstown. Continue reading »

Pasachoffs have article, review in Nature

Jay and Naomi Pasachoff reviewed, for the journal Nature (February 27, 2014 issue), the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Borodin’s opera Prince Igor, since it has a solar eclipse as an important part of its Prologue.  Jay Pasachoff and art-historian Roberta J. M. Olson (New-York Historical Society) had the cover story about eclipses… Continue reading »

Pasachoff Participates in Hubble Space Telescope Observations

Pasachoff participated in Hubble Space Telescope 22-hour-long observations of Jupiter in an attempt to detect the transit of Venus that was visible there on September 20, 2012, and received a Space Telescope Science Institute grant from NASA in support.  He reports on the Williams College team’s transit of Venus observations… Continue reading »