Rooftop Observatory observes supernova in M61

M61, a galaxy about 50 million light years away, is one of our favorite targets at Williams, and we were excited to recently learn of a new supernova in this galaxy! This explosion of a dying star is visible in the images below, comparing an image taken by Nicole Ford… Continue reading »

Christian Lockwood ’20: Milham Prize in Astronomy

Christian Lockwood ’20 is receiving the 2020 Milham Prize in Astronomy, in recognition of an outstanding combination of hgh grades, research activity, and contributions to the Astronomy Department community.  The Prize is in memory of Willis Milham, professor of astronomy from 1901 to 1942 and the third director of the Hopkins Observatory. Continue reading »

Graduation Caps and Gowns 2020

Connor Marti, Nicole Ford, Christian Lockwood, and Johnny Inoue are all receiving high honors at graduation with the photographs taken during the last days that they were on campus this spring.  Allen Wang is getting honors in math on a joint thesis between math and astronomy. Prof. Pasachoff with… Continue reading »

Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award Student Prize

Nicole Ford ’20 is one of 15 student medalists (out of 355 entrants) for the Chambliss student poster award from the last AAS meeting (Honolulu, January 2020).  Her poster is about “Understanding the Epoch of Reionization: Examining Proposed Indicators of Ionizing Radiation Escape in Nearby Star-forming Galaxies”; her advisor… Continue reading »

Williams Students, Faculty, and Alumni at 235th American Astronomical Society Meeting, January 2020

Attending the 235th American Astronomical Society meeting in Honolulu during January were (front row): Debbie (Maraziti) Skapik (former Lab Instructor and Observatory Supervisor at Williams 1994-1996; now at Friends Central School, near Philadelphia); Amy Steele ’08 (U Maryland grad student); Connor Marti ’20; Anne Jaskot ’08 (Assistant Professor of Astronomy… Continue reading »

November 11, 2019 Transit of Mercury

November 11 transit of Mercury to be observed by students and others from Williamstown, by Christian Lockwood ’20 from Emry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida, and by Prof. Pasachoff from the Big Bear Solar Observatory in California. See… Continue reading »