Astronomy Department attends KNAC fall symposium

Every fall the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium (KNAC), a collection of astronomy departments from small colleges in the northeast (Colgate, Haverford, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr, Wesleyan, Wellesley, Williams, Vassar, Middlebury), get together for an undergraduate research symposium. At the meeting students from across the consortium present research that they completed the… Continue reading »

New Telescope

On June 27th we accepted the donation of a new (to us) 16″ Meade RCX400 telescope. Standing nearly four feet tall, and weighing over 300 pounds, this telescope is a substantial instrument, that will add to our collection of telescopes on the roof of TPL. The next step is to… Continue reading »

Commencement 2022

At Commencement on June 5, 2022: Milham Prize in Astronomy:  Alicia Smith-Reina and Lauren Fossel Sigma Xi Honorary Scientific Society:  Peter Knowlton ‘21.5 (thesis with Dr. Kevin Flaherty) Magna Cum Laude:  Alicia Smith-Reina Cum Laude:  Lauren Fossel Astrophysics Majors ’22:  Noor Alsairafi, Jadon Cooper, Micaela Foreman, Lauren Fossel, Tafara Makaza,… Continue reading »

Welcome new astrophysics majors class of 2024!

Abby Kinney ’24, Berit Olsson ’24, Tasan Smith-Gandy ’24, Prof. Jay Pasachoff, Hector Mendoza ’24, Assistant Prof. Anne Jaskot Dr. Kevin Flaherty, Assistant Prof. Anne Jaskot, Hector Mendoza ’24, Alex Kim ’24, Abby Kinney ’24, Berit Olsson ’24, Micaela Foreman ’23, Elsa Sebastian ’25, Prof. Jay Pasachoff… Continue reading »

Interested in summer research? Click here!

The Physics and Astronomy departments will have a Zoom colloquium on Friday, February 4th at 2:35 pm to discuss research opportunities for summer 2022. If you are interested, please read this, on Friday join the zoom link here, and come talk to Prof. Jaskot, Prof. Pasachoff, and/or Dr. Flaherty… Continue reading »

24-inch telescope observes JWST

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a 6-meter diameter space telescope, is set to produce spectacular images and redefine much of what we know about the universe. At a million miles from Earth, JWST is centered on a point in space known as L2, which allows it to stay in… Continue reading »

Most Recent Total Solar Eclipse—Saturday, December 4, 2021

Pasachoff, Jay M., 2021/2022, “Totality From Above the Clouds,” Sky and Telescope, online and pending in print. Theo Boris, Christian A. Lockwood, David Zimmerman (JM Pasachoff Antarctic Expedition), 2021 (Dec. 9), “A Total Eclipse of the Sun,” cited in Forbes article: Wall Street… Continue reading »

Previous Total Solar Eclipse – Monday, December 14, 2020

2020 Eclipse prediction — 2020 Eclipse comet —       … Continue reading »

Fall 2021 Semester Highlights

The new semester begins with Prof. Jay Pasachoff, Visiting Prof. Marek Demianski, and Lecturer Dr. Kevin Flaherty teaching the courses.  Prof. Michael Allison, Director Emeritus of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, is joining the department as a non-resident Research Associate and Associate of the Hopkins Observatory and will occasionally… Continue reading »

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