New Telescope

On June 27th we accepted the donation of a new (to us) 16″ Meade RCX400 telescope. Standing nearly four feet tall, and weighing over 300 pounds, this telescope is a substantial instrument, that will add to our collection of telescopes on the roof of TPL. The next step is to install the telescope into one of our rooftop domes.


On hand for the delivery were Norm Bell, Dr. Kevin Flaherty, Prof. Jay Pasachoff, with help from Jason Mativi and Kevin Forkey.

Photo of Prof. Pasachoff, Dr. Flaherty, and a 16" telescope
Our new 16″ Meade RCX400 telescope, with Prof. Pasachoff and Dr. Flaherty for scale. 


Photo of a telescope sitting on a wooden pallet, in the bed of a truck.
The new telescope, ready to be unloaded off of the truck. 


Photo of a forklift lifting a wooden pallet, with a telescope on top, off of the bed of a truck.
A huge thanks to Facilities for helping unload the telescope from the truck it was delivered on!