astronomy rooftop

Faculty and students of Williams College’s astronomy department do their research with the most modern equipment in the field, using some of the best telescopes in the world and in space. Our local observatory, situated atop the Thompson Physics and Astronomy Laboratory, includes:

  • a 24-inch Cassegrain telescope (manufactured by DFM Engineering, Inc.) equipped with a 3056 x 3056 pixel CCD main imaging camera
  • an Optomechanics Model 10 spectrograph with a 1024 x 1024 pixel CCD camera
  • a remotely-operated 4-inch Stellarvue apochromatic refractor and color CCD camera for wide field imaging
  • a 6-inch Meade apochromatic refractor

Additional instruments include a Lunt LS60T H-alpha telescope for solar viewing, several Celestron and Meade telescopes from 3- to 10-inch aperture, a direct-view solar spectroscope, and several portable telescopes.

Professor Jay Pasachoff with the Cassegrain telescope

Dr. Steven Souza is the Observatory Supervisor.